Bonnieview Road Cross Drain Repair

Location: Yulee, FL
Client: Nassau County Engineering, Department of Public Works
Project Description: Connelly & Wicker prepared construction plans and specifications for the replacement of existing sand cement end walls for a quadruple 48”x76” cross drain and roadway milling and resurfacing. The project qualified for a SJRWMD permit exemption
Construction:  2015

SR 500 Drainage Improvements

Location: Deland, FL
Client: Florida Department of Transportation – District 5
Project Description: Undersized storm sewer pipes were up-sized on SR 500 (S. Pine Avenue) in Marion County SE 10th Ave to SE 31st Street.   The scope of services included analysis of a storm sewer system, TV video inspection of the existing system, solutions were developed to minimize the use of jack & bore pipe, construction plans and specifications were prepared.  Additional sidewalk and keyhole lanes were added to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.
Construction: 2018

SR 45 (US 41) Sidewalk & Drainage Improvements

Location: Bartow, FL Client: Florida Department of Transportation – District One Project Description:The SR 45 (US 41) Sidewalk project consists of constructing 2.5 miles of 8-foot concrete sidewalk along SR 45 in Lee County from SR 78 to North Fork Drive.  The sidewalk is requested and partially funded by Lee County and Lee County’s MPO as part of their pedestrian enhancement initiative within the SR 45 corridor.  8-foot sidewalk exhibit many of same design challenges and of 10 and 12-foot multi-use trails.  The sidewalk will be placed within the SR 45 right-of-way and will require modifications to the existing roadside swale and side drains, wetland avoidance, limiting impacts to FEMA’s 100-Year Flood Plain, a box culvert extension, and pedestrian enhancements at signalized intersections, and utility coordination.  Construction: 2020 (scheduled)

TPC Sawgrass

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Client: PGA Tour
Project Description: The project included a series of golf course amenity and drainage improvements. The amenities included additional restroom and tournament viewing area improvements. The drainage improvements included reshaping lakes to accommodate golf course changes; replacing lake interconnectivity culverts, updating weir controls to include adjustable weir controls to enhance lake level management, especially in the area of the 17th green. This effort including working with Golden Harvest, the adjustable weir manufacturer to specify the customized weirs.
Construction: 2017


Rogero Road Culvert Extension and Ditch Repair

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Client: City of Jacksonville, Department of Public Works
Project Description: Connelly & Wicker prepared construction plans and specifications for the extension of an existing 10’ x 6’ concrete box culvert and repair to 400 feet of the ditch embankment. The ditch repair was added to the design contract following damage  during hurricane Matthew. The project included the use of Geoweb to stabilize the ditch side slopes. The project qualified for a SJRWMD permit exemption.
Construction: 2018

Santa Maria Drainage

Location: St. Augustine, FL
Client: St. Johns County Public Works – Engineering Division
Project Description: The scope of services included analysis of a storm sewer system that was showing signs of failure and requiring recurring maintenance repairs.  After performing TV video inspection of the existing system, viable solutions were developed and construction plans were prepared for the removal and replacement of 400 feet of 60” CMP through the Moultrie Trails Development in St. Augustine, Florida.
Construction: 2010

Ireland Drive Ditch Improvements

Location: Jacksonville
Client: City of Jacksonville
Project Description: Connelly & Wicker prepared construction plans for the repair of 200 feet of maintenance berm within Ireland Drive ditch.  The ditch bottom was experiencing erosion, causing the side slopes to fail due to slopes greater than 2:1.  A masonry wall on private property was in danger of failure.  Connelly & Wicker designed a cost effective solution to rebuild the embankment using geoweb reinforcing, which allowed 1:1 side slope construction.     
Construction: 2007

Val Pointe Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements

Client: St. John’s County Public Works – Engineering Divison
Project Description: This project started out as a sidewalk project slightly less than a mile long.  About half of the sidewalk was to run along a tidal creek with significant drop off slopes and the remaining portion of the project was through an established neighborhood.  The sidewalk terminated at a County Park.  Early on in the data collection phase it was noted that a large cross drain was in poor condition.  The cross drain was comprised of one 42” x 54” CMP and one 48” x 72” CMP.  The drainage area served by the cross drain was approximately 500 acres that flowed through a series of dammed lakes.  In addition, the existing culverts had different inverts and controlled a small pond that the SJRWMD considered jurisdictional.
Construction: 2005

Townsend Road Drainage Improvements

Location: Jacksonville
Client: City of Jacksonville
Project Description: Connelly & Wicker performed a drainage study and prepared construction plans for improvements to the 1000 acre Townsend Road drainage basin in southern Duval County.  Stormwater improvements included a new storm sewer system along the north boundary of the Villages of Westland subdivision, and a new storm sewer system along Jammes Road and Townsend Road connecting to a new 8 acre stormwater pond.  The outfall for this stormwater pond was a double 7’ x 4’ concrete box culvert.  This project was permitted by the SJRWMD and the USACE in June 2000 and construction was completed in September 2002.
Construction: 2002

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