Ed Austin Skate Park – Jacksonville, Florida

CWI teamed with the OTAK Group and Team Pain to design/build Skate Park in Jacksonville, Florida. The skate park is located on 5 acres of the existing Ed Austin Regional Park. Team Pain, a well known skate park design team, created the majority of the skate recreation area. The skate park is a total  approximately 20,000 sf. Phase I of the skate park will contains 8,000 sf and is mostly an urban park, while the remaining is a mix of urban and traditional skate park design with a small bowl.

Connelly & Wicker was responsible for the master planning of the overall 5 acres and assisted Team Pain in the placement of the skate park within the overall site. CWI  coordinated all  permitting through St. Johns River Water Management District and the City of Jacksonville. Landscape design, hardscape design, and engineering components were also managed by CWI. The engineering consisted of all grading, sewer, and stormwater design.