Connelly & Wicker Inc. announced that Richard C. “Rick” Welch, P.E. will succeed Marvin Wicker, P.E. as president of the 17-year old Jacksonville civil engineering firm.

Rick Welch, who has been with Connelly & Wicker Inc. for 15 years led the principals in constructing a management and ownership transfer plan. “Every privately held company in business for any length of time will need to address the issue of the retiring founders, and it is critical to plan ahead in order to assure that everyone’s interests are being considered and to implement a smooth transition of responsibilities”.

One key element to Connelly & Wicker’s management plan was to retain the “hands-on, principal involvement” approach. To that end, the firm’s principals are the lead engineers in their primary disciplines. Andy Cummings, P.E., Senior Vice President, Transportation and Drainage Design; John Lewis, P.E., Senior Vice President, Destin Regional Manager; Duane Merrell, P.E., Vice President, Structural Engineer; and Vice Presidents Gary Abbey, P.E. and Brian Kientz, both of whom specialize in private land development engineering. Marvin Wicker, who is the second co-founder of the firm, agreed to serve as Chief Financial Officer until next year. His full retirement will be effective February 28, 2001.